Act in the language a
nd not let the language act you!!!

Working as an accent and dialogue coach mostly in/from Berlin…
here is something I have been thinking about: 

Question no. 1: As an actor would you like to work internationally?

If the answer is yes, then this is my question no. 2: do you feel that your English is „ok“? Or do you think it is really up to scratch – no question marks left – when you go to that casting or have to shoot that demo reel in English?

So if your answer to question no.1 is yes but to no.2 is no, then I have question no.3: what do you do specifically to GET up to scratch, to feel truly confident when you act in the language that you ”kinda” know well but also know you might not own completely.

Actually, I have a question no.4: assuming that you think your English is pretty good (which, let’s face it, in most cases it is – pretty good!), what do you think your accent is leaning towards? Is your English more toward American or toward British? Are you a BREAKING BAD kinda person or are you DOWNTON ABBEY? Not entirely unimportant to know if you do get a casting call in which „excellent British English“ is a prerequisite!

First it’s about improving COMMAND of English so much so that you know you can absolutely concentrate on your acting when the day comes – without having to worry about pronunciation (or even comprehension).

Honestly speaking, most of us probably think we can speak English pretty well (and most of us can). But chances are that “pretty well” just isn’t going to cut it in the moment – so how could you go from „ok“ onto „nailing it“, to being specific, confident and able to totally rely on what you are saying and how you are saying it?

More and more international productions are coming over here, employing German actors – and indeed German production companies with German directors shoot in English in order to hit the international market or because they have international funding. So I wonder: as an actor in these parts why pass on the opportunity?

The beauty of working with anything voice / speech / accent is that there is always sooo much more to find out… so this is to be cont’d.
Anyone who prefers listening to reading can click on some audio files here.
Though you’ll get my accent which could be different from the one in your head  – you COULD try both 😉

Yours Simone

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